Elevation (feet): 11,023
Elevation (meters): 3,360
Continent: Europe
Country: Austria
Range/Region: Hohe Tauern
Latitude: 47
Longitude: 13.3167
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: May, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1859
First successful climber(s): Paul Grohmann
Nearest major airport: Klagenfurt, Salzburg
Convenient Center: Malta

Thanks to Andreas Fink for adding this peak.

Highest mountain of the eastern "Hohe Tauern"-range, socalled "Tauernkonigin" (= queen of the "Tauern"-range), with big glaciers on the east and south slopes. Wonderful view to most peaks of Carinthia, Salzburg, Styria and eastern Tyrol and to the Julian Alps and Dolomites. Routes to the summit: From Gmnd in the Lieser-valley at the highway A 10 "Tauernautobahn" go to the Malta-valley. To climb the Hochalmspitze from the north and east go up the "Maltatal-Hochalmstra" to the dam wall "Kölnbreinsperre" (1900m). Along the reservoir walk 7,7 km west and south to the refuge "Osnabrücker Hütte" (2026m). The signed trail now leads up southeast to the saddle "Preimlscharte" (2953m) and crosses the glacier south to the lower snowy-summit. Short and easy ridge-climbing to the main-summit. In May the "Preimlscharte" can be reached directly from the dam wall with skies. To climb the Hochalmspitze from the south leave the road to the dam wall at Koschach, 4,2 km from Malta, and follow the signs to the "G��graben" or "Thomanbaueralm" or "Gievener Hütte". The asphalt road goes up 12 km to the dam of the "G-sskarspeicher" (1650m). Now use the trail to the refuge "Giessener Hütte" (2202m). 100 meters higher the trail splits, the right route leads up to the southeast ridge, the left route leads to the "Detmolder"-ridge, the southwest ridge, on which you pass the summit of the small peak "Winkelspitz" (3150m). On all routes crampons should be used, the southeast and southwest ridges include rock-climbing of the alpine grade 2.

Thanks to Andreas Fink for this description.