Mount Olympus

The 9026' summit of Mount Olympus is a fun and rewarding hike in summer or an enjoyable mountaineering adventure in winter. The North Face provides several challenging rock climbing routes with the 11-pitch 5.5 West Slabs being the most popular.

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Elevation (feet): 9,026
Elevation (meters): 2,751
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Wasatch Range
State: Utah
Latitude: 40.65
Longitude: -111.767
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Salt Lake International
Convenient Center: Salt Lake City

Thanks to Shane Burrows for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #13415 - by Eric James on May 26, 2004
    My brother and I climbed this in the afternoon. It took us about 5 hours round trip, via the Tolcats Canyon trail. It is a great hike...the trail is very easy to follow, although in the spring it is...
  • Log #13416 - by Morgan Brown on Jan 30, 2004
    With Jesse Lomask. A very steep hike--4200 feet of elevation gain over a bit over 3 miles. We tried to take the bus there, but ended up walking a long, long way without much water. Fun, memorable...
  • Log #13417 - by Matt Gunderson on Dec 05, 2003
    The climb on the western side of the mountain is easier and more traveled; the eastern side is more challenging but more rewarding.
  • Log #13418 - by Anthony Benson on Sep 29, 2003
    Tops out on north summit. Remember trail descends from south summit. Climb in the spring so you can take advantage of snow in the couloirs.
  • Log #13419 - by Nyle K Walton on Sep 12, 2003
    Back in my youth, I scrambled up every mountain in the Wasatch before going on to climb in the Alps, Andes and Himalayas. It's a good training ground for bigger things.
  • Log #13420 - by James Barlow on Sep 11, 2003
    I climbed this one with Chris Tetzloff, Don Stevens, Matt Dolan, Dan Dolan, and Kevin Dolan. It was our first beautiful day for the season, as our March and April ventures into the Wasatch had...
  • Log #13422 - by Joseph Ornberg on Aug 11, 2003
    Fun summit. Pretty steep route. Great view from draper to layton.-
  • Log #13423 - by Gary Karpowitz on July 26, 2003
    Just a fun hike and a nice work out. Hiked it Saturday with my boys 14 and 17. Only bit of wisdom on this hike as most everyone knows.....start early to beat the heat! Nice views, good work out.
  • Log #13424 - by Scott Patterson on Mar 07, 2003
    I have climbed from every direction and at every time of year. Best in winter.
  • Log #13425 - by Russ Winterstein on Dec 04, 2002
    Great hike. Takes some doing for those not in decent shape due to steep slope on last portion of hike
  • Log #13426 - by Jared Payne on Nov 13, 2001
    10:00 am Frind invites me up Olympus via the North Face. started hiking 11:30 am - found the "shady side" to be very frosty and slippery. What a magnificent view of those massive slabs. It...
  • Log #13427 - by Tyler Slack on Oct 01, 2001
    I live in Salt Lake City ,but until recently had never wanted to climb Mt Olympus due to the first half of the climb. The whole way up you can see and hear the cars on I-215, making the climb less...
  • Log #13428 - by Ben Folsom on Sep 19, 2001
    I grew up just a few blocks away from Mount Olympus, so ever since I was a little kid I've been hiking and scrambling around up there and have climbed it more times than I can count. On Sept. 8 2001...
  • Log #13429 - by Mike Bauhs on July 13, 2001
    I highly recommend the Mt. Olympus climb. I climbed it when the temperature was over 100 degrees in the valley. It is a rugged climb but well worth it.
  • Log #13430 - by Jim Madsen on July 11, 2001
    Good marked trails up to the saddle, a little bit of rock scrambling from then on. Hike to the saddle was strenuous but fun!
  • Log #13431 - by Mick Wenzbauer on Jan 01, 2001
    A classic Salt Lake area hike! I've climbed it many times around Memorial Day, summit has an outstanding view. Very steep hike however, and last 500 feet are easy scrambling.
  • Log #13432 - by Shane Burrows on Dec 19, 2000
    This summit is very popular and can be hiked year round. Crampons and ice axe help in the winter but are not required.