Fuji-san Trip Report (#18984)

  • Signed By: Bonet
  • Date submitted: February 14, 2006
  • Date(s) climbed: 1992- 1993- 1994- 2000-2001-2003
  • Number of People Encountered:50+ people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

Great! Great each time! Since I was a kid, I knew that one day I would climb Fuji san. I don't know why. I don't believe that our future is written somewhere. But the fact is that I finally climbed. Starting from several bases, from 1400m to 2400m (I don't remember the exact heigh). From 4H30 form the lowest base to 2H00 from the highest. I failed twice, once when I was with my wife and my daughter. My daughter was 5 years old at that time. She got a painfull headache when we reached "9 go me" (I think it was "9 go me" not sure, I just remember that it was around 3400m). We had to go down quickly under falling rain. I failed a second time when I went with japanese workmates for a night climbing. We had to go down because of stromy wheather for part, but mostly because of our guides wo made us wait very long because of potential bad wheather. We have been waiting very long. And the bad wheather finally came. First time I climbed, was the time with worst wheather. We started from 1400, and reached the summit freezing. I only was wearing short pants and T shirt, in a snow storm. We couldn't see nothin at the summit, because of the storm. We just went down very quickly with the relief of feeling the temperature growing up as we were going down. Even in Summer, one can get frozen up there. I could speak during hours about Fuji san, about Japan, and about the kindness of japanese people. I miss Japan. I feel more comfortable in Japan than anywhere else, including my homecountry, France. I have been living in Japan during 8 years. It took 3 years to me to understand the basics of japanese lifestyle and behaviour. I could fully enjoy Japan during the other 5 years. And I will remember Japan with nostalgy until the end of my days.

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