Fuji-san Trip Report (#2200)

Old Japanese proverb:

Person who does not climb Mt. Fuji is a fool. Person who climbs Fuji twice is twice a fool.

I climbed it 1.9 times... so far.

In 1967 to 1970, I lived near Tokyo... so after looking up at the mountain for a year, I tried to climb Fuji-san in 1968. On the way up, bad weather hit, and we stayed at a 9th station overnight. We had 60MPH winds and rain, so we had to go back down the mountain in the morning instead of summiting.

In 1969 (as a 16 year-old) I finally climbed to the top, taking about 9 hours along the popular "staircase" trail up from the 5th station. It was a magnificent experience, and the first summit of my life. On descent, breaking the rules, I slid down a scree slope from the edge of the summit's crater to the trail near the 5th station. I had two wooden walking sticks to help steady the slide down, almost like downhill skiiing. Each step was about 10feet of wild sliding, and at times it was totally out of control. The slide down took about 40 minutes. I will return to Japan on 25 october to 30 october, and I am considering climbing Fuji-san again. However, I doubt if I will slide down this time.

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