Fuji-san Trip Report (#2217)

I agreed with everyone, I know is dangerous to do Fuji-san in the middle of the winter, but here you go: ( Luca, Scott thanks for your advice)

We arrived by car on Friday morning to Nakano-jaya around 10am. By 11am, my climbing partner Kiyoshi-san and I left the park entrance already starting our hike on ice and snow. We hiked for about 3.5 hours passing through all deserted stations one through four until we reached the famous fifth station. There we stayed and a couple hours after arrived an unexpected visitor: Kingo-san. He had climbed Fuji-san 416 times. He showed me his book that was at the hut. He is 73 years old!

At 4am we left to the summit with a great sky full of stars and strong wind. By the 6th station we saw the sun rising in the horizon...awesome ! One of the best in my life.

We arrrived to the summit at 11am after very strong winds that almost dropped me a couple of times.

The views at the top are amazing: the Japanes Alps, the Pacific Ocean...just breathless.

Crampons, Thermal bottle a must ( temperatures were -18C), ice axe, gaiters, etc.

Berkeley ,California resident, Costa Rican by heart..and probably quarter japanese by soul...

Thanks Fuji-san for a great winter vacation.

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