Fuji-san Trip Report (#2223)

If you are going to be in Japan for the months of July and August, make plans to climb Mt. Fuji. It is worth every minute. Pack your supplies (Waterproof jacket, pants, gloves, and shoes) prior to departing to Japan (except for food), this will save you a lot of money and make your climb more enjoyable. It will get cold at the top and if there are clouds at the top it is probably raining. I climbed from the 5th station at Kawaguchico. Total ascending time was 5 1/2 hours. Total descending time was 2 hours. The views thoughout the climb were priceless. Digital camera is also a must. A friend of mine had a 35mm camera and was very disapointed in his pictures when he had them developed after we got back.

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