Fuji-san Trip Report (#2224)

My brother and I went to Japan for the World Cup this year, and wanted to summit Fuji, even though technically 'out of season'. Long story short, got to Kawaguchi-ko fifth station (the starting point of the climb), barely catching the last bus there (which left at 3:05pm, and we arrived from Tokyo Shinjuku station at 2:55pm - buses are much more frequent 'in season', July 1st through August). Guy at the Fuji store told us of a hut (Satomoya) that was open, and had plenty of room, so that's where we went for the night. Got going at 1:45am, on a beautiful, clear night, and made it to the last station at around 6:30 or 7am, where we encountered snow. Enough steps had been carved into the snow that it was not such a big deal going up, and on the way down, the snow had softened enough to enable us to glissade much of the way down (to at least 3300meters or so).

Great mountain, not very challenging, and altitude did not affect either one of us much. It's definitely worth it for the sunrise (which you can see at any point going up), and for the views at the top.

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