Fuji-san Trip Report (#2231)

We (Mr Baek, Gabriel, Athena, Tomo and I) started on the 5th level around 1:30pm on Saturday the 14th of July and we had great weather (around 20C) and move quickly to our Fuji San Hotel. The place is a hut too expensive for their service. We arrived around 6:30pm with a cooler weather (around 10C at 3,400 mts.). We had dinner at 7:30pm and then went to bed around 9:00pm. There was too much noise as people keep coming in.

After a short rest we started at 1:30am on Sunday, as there were literally hundreds of people on the trail. It almost look like a queue for the best ride in a theme park .. the line just went on and on. The temperature was around 5C when we started and because of the crowd it took us almost 3 hours to get to the top!!! It was a little cooler (0C) at the top and full of people waiting to see the sunrise! It was worth it!

To me, because I was prepared physically and mentally for it, it was a walk in the park. No altitude sickness at all. A member from our team did have some problems but she still made it to the top as well as the rest of our team!!! Thanks to Tomo for all your help to take us from Tokyo to the mountain and back!

If I had to do it again I will start around 10:00pm and just do it in one shot all the way to the top, watch the sunrise and then come back. My advice, TAKE PLEANTY OF CASH as Japanese stores in the mountain do not take credit cards... only Yens. Dollars are accepted in the 5th level...

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