Fuji-san Trip Report (#2236)

  • Signed By: Michael M
  • Date submitted: April 12, 2001

First a thanks to Michael, Miles and Luca who promptly responded to my questions about climbing Fuji. Climbers rule.

From a distance, Fuji must beone of the most beautiful mountains in the world. When I first saw it, it took my breath away and i had a big shit eating grin until I started slogging through the wet snow at the base. Got a late start on saturday and climbed the Kawaguchigo route from the 5th stage (the bus was running) to 3300m. Weather was sparkling which made for some postholing, sliding and clumpy crampons until i got to about 2900m. The wind of course kicked up to 40-50 mph as i started to dig a pit and pitch my tent. Little altitude effects and did not leave the tent from 6pm til 3am the next morning. With a night at altitude and a lighter pack, I flew up to the summit before sunrise in perfect conditions. There was a full moon and firm snow, absolutely the best climbing i have done or could imagine. I did not need a light. The summit was magical with the sun rising on one side of the crater while the full moon set simultaneously over the other. i was the only person up there. after an hour scrambling over the top, it was time for a long descent in hot sun and rapidly softening snow. GREAT TRIP.

from tokyo, the Highway bus from Shinjuku station to Kawaguchiko is a great way to go. another bus will run as high as the 5th stage depending on conditions.

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