Gran Zebrù

Elevation (feet): 12,634
Elevation (meters): 3,851
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Range/Region: Ortler Alps
Latitude: 46.4786
Longitude: 10.5685
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Year first climbed: 1854 ?, 1864
First successful climber(s): Stefan Stainberg alone ?, Buxton, Tuckett, Biener, Michel
Nearest major airport: Milan
Convenient Center: Santa Caterina Valfurva - Bormio

Thanks to Enrico Bestetti for adding this peak.

Gran Zebrù or Konigs Spitze (Konigspitz) is at 3851 m. the second high mountain of Ortles Cevedale group; it rises between Valfurva and Suldental. It's a limestone mountain surrounded with glaciers, its north face (you may see it from Suldental) is impressive. In summer the standard ice route, destination of many climbers; starts from Albergo dei Forni (Santa Caterina Valfurva) goes up Cedec valley to Pizzini hut (m.2700, 1,30 hours), the second day you climb the mountain from south east trough Colle della Bottiglia (PD, from 35 to 50 degrees, 4 hours).

From the top you may see Ortles, Cevedale, 13 Cime Range and numberless icy mountains. Other difficult routes to the summit are: NO ridge (Suldengrat) 6 hours D/D+, North Face Ertl route (600m., TD, from 50 to 65 degrees), North Face Minnegerode route (500m., D, from 50 to 60 degrees). You may climb or see north face from Citta di Milano (Schaubach) hut. Gran Zebru' top was a battlefield in world war I (1915-1918).

Trip Reports

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  • Log #13574 - by Giuliano Tagliabue on Aug 12, 2001
    I climbed Gran Zebrù (Konigspitze) from Pizzini Hut (south-east normal route). I advice to be on the summit not after 9 o'clock. The weather was cloudy and quite warm, so the snow was heavy and in...
  • Log #13575 - by Uli on July 28, 2001
    July 2001: Made the East Face from Schaubach Hut. Descent on normal route via Refugio Casatti. I recommend to start very early in the morning due to falling rocks in the colouir when the sun hits the...
  • Log #13576 - by stephan mantler on July 24, 2001
    ascent via Rif.Casati ("normal route"); descent towards Rif. Citta di Milano over Konigsjoch - a bit tricky due to fresh snow and quite a lot of falling rocks.