Palung Ri

Elevation (feet): 23,008
Elevation (meters): 7,013
Continent: Asia
Country: China
Range/Region: Central Nepal Himalaya
Latitude: 28.1167
Longitude: 86.6333
Best months for climbing: Sep, Oct
Year first climbed: 1993, fall
First successful climber(s): Bart Vos
Nearest major airport: Kathmandu, Lhasa

Thanks to Frank Verwijs for adding this peak.

Palung Ri is situated north of Cho Oyu, E-NE of Nangpa La (Khumbu La). Cho Oyu's main peak is only 5km away. The two mountains are seperated by a col (6517m)

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  • Log #20836 - by Martin Lutterjohann on June 19, 2007
    Our expedition's main aim was the first ascent of the NW ridge of Cho Oyu. My personal aim was merely the ascent of Cho Oyu via the normal route in alpine style. Nonetheless, I volunteered to help...