Photo by Roberto Invernizzi, all rights reserved.

Resegone (m.1874), a rocky dolomite mountain, rises over Lecco (m.200) on the Lake of Como. Its name's meaning is "big saw" because this mountain has a lot of summits in a single line of the same highness. It is a very popular mountain, destination of many hikers and climbers in every season. There are a lot of trails to its summit, the shortest starts from the small village of Morterone (you leave your car at Forcella d'Olino, the difference in level is 700m and it requires two hours). The usual trail starts from Lecco Versasio (m.600) (you may reach it by train from Milan), it runs on the west side of Resegone, it crosses Passo della Sibretta and follows the last section of Canolone di Valnegra to the top (3.30 hours, 1300m); the path goes through very steep slopes so you must be careful. Azzoni hut is few meter under the summit, other huts are Alpinisti Monzesi (S side), Passo del Fo (SW), Stoppani (W), Piani d'Erna (NW). The panorama from the top is magnificent; under your feet you see the whole Pianura Padana, Lecco and Brianza lakes; and towards north you may see the whole Alps from Monviso to Monte Rosa, Bernina, Cevedale and Adamello. On Resegone steep gullies, ridges and towers you may find many hiking trails (Sentiero delle Creste, Canalone di Bobbio, Canalone di Val Comera, Canalone di val Negra), some with fixed ropes (Ferrata Pizzo d'Erna, Ferrata Gamma, Ferrata del Cinquantenario) and a lot of classic and freeclimbing routes. You may go up Resegone by ski from Morterone or Brumano. In winter and spring a great attention is required with ice or snow.

Elevation (feet): 6,148
Elevation (meters): 1,874
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Range/Region: Dolomites
Latitude: 45.8667
Longitude: 9.41667
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Milan and Bergamo
Convenient Center: Lecco