Volcan Villarrica

Elevation (feet): 9,317
Elevation (meters): 2,840
Continent: South America
Country: Chile
Range/Region: Central Argentina-Chile
Difficulty: Walk up
Nearest major airport: Pucón
Convenient Center: Pucón

Thanks to Miguel "MR_CuYaYa" Rodriguez for adding this peak.

Volcán Villarrica is a volcano dominating over the lake of the same name. Northern slope conforms a highly visited ski center. Last erupted in 1984. Lodging is available in Pucón or in Villarrica.

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #2283 - by marcelo krings on July 20, 2004
    Um bello paseo en la montana.
  • Log #2284 - by Ben Bonnaerens on June 19, 2004
    Stood on top of this perfect-shaped volcano on my way to Southern Patagonia.Nearly passed-out on the top because of the sulphur gasses coming out of the crater
  • Log #2285 - by Pedro Hauck on Dec 22, 2002
    Motanha facil e inesquecivel... quem não teria a curiosidade de escalar um vulcao em atividade, e um dos mais nervosos!!! escalei em 2000, viajando de carona pela Patagonia
  • Log #2286 - by Roland Haas on Dec 01, 2002
    Villarica is a busy place, but a wonderful ski-touring terrain, too! We enjoyed the views from the crater - in all directions! But the best part was skiing down the whole lot: 1.500 m in corn snow......
  • Log #2287 - by Nick Mew on Aug 05, 2002
    A fun day out, though somewhat tarnished by the false start the day before due to weather. Actually more tarnished due to the decision to drink all day when it was called off, getting to bed at 1am...
  • Log #2288 - by Michel SIGNER on Sep 30, 2001
    Expedition de groupe depuis Pucon.
  • Log #2289 - by Werner Keller on Feb 28, 2001
    The official Villarrica Volcano Web Site is: http://www.geo.mtu.edu/~boris/VILLARRICA.html
  • Log #2290 - by Miguel "MR_CuYaYa" Rodriguez on Jan 13, 2001
    My first snow-topped mountain climbed. I was in horrible shape for the climb, but nevertheless I managed to get to the top. The way up is not hard for anyone used to trekking on snow. The view of the...