Grigna Meridionale

Elevation (feet): 7,142
Elevation (meters): 2,177
Continent: Europe
Country: Italy
Latitude: 46
Longitude: 9.36667
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Milan and Bergamo
Convenient Center: Ballabio

Thanks to Enrico Bestetti for adding this peak.

Grigna Meridionale or Grignetta (m.2177) rises between the Lake of Como and Valsassina near Lecco. It's a rocky dolomite mountain, its slopes are covered with needles and pinnacles with steep gullies and notches, where you may find hundreds of hiking trails and climbing routes from easy to very difficult. The paths go through steep slopes and fixed ropes help you especially with snow. Grignetta is a very popular mountain, destination of many and hikers climbers in every season; it was and it is the home mountain and training place of some word wide famous climbers: Riccardo Cassin and Walter Bonatti. The standard route goes up Cermenati ridge from Piani dei Resinelli, it a steep and rocky path and near the summit some fixed ropes help the hikers (2 hours, 800m.) The panorama from the top is spectacular, you may see Pianura Padana, the lake of Como and the whole Alps from Monviso to Monte Rosa, Cervino, Finsteraarhorn, Badile, Bernina, Cevedale, Adamello and Prealpi Lombarde. Other popular routes to the summit are: Canalone Porta (F, hours 2,30), Sentiero della Direttissima and Cecilia (EE, hours 3,20), Cresta Segantini (II-III, hours 3,30), Traversata Alta (EE, 3 hours) from Grigna Settentrionale top (m.2410). In winter and spring a great attention is required with ice or snow. Torrioni Magnaghi, Sigaro, Fungo, Campaniletto, Torre, Guglia Angelina, Ago Teresita, Punta Giulia are the needles with the best climbing routes.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #13641 - by Fabrizio Roveda on May 17, 2003
    Sinigaglia ridge to the summit, then Val Scarettone to Rosalba hut and Pian dei Resinelli.
  • Log #13642 - by Michele Gusmeroli on Aug 08, 2002
    Please, do not forget Guido, the man playing innkeeper at the top, every day bringing up food and beverages to sell.
  • Log #13643 - by Mirko e Maurizio on July 14, 2001
    From Pian dei Resinelli - Rif. Carlo Porta via Canalone porta, Cresta Senigaglia 3h return via Cresta Cermenati. 2h30'
  • Log #13644 - by Francesco Musetta on Feb 06, 2001
    Wonderful route through Direttissima,Val Scarettone and descent through Cresta Sinigaglia