Mount Rundle

Photo of Mount Rundle
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East Mount Rundle’s (EEOR) summit is located on the border of Banff National Park and Kananaskis Provincial Park. Banff National Park is one of four connecting national parks that make up the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Kananaskis Provincial Park encompasses over 4,000 square kilometers of foothills and mountains bordering Banff National Park to the east. EEOR is the unofficial name of the east end of the 15km Mount Rundle massif. Its short gain from Goats Creek trailhead and proximity to Canmore make it a popular objective.

EEOR has many published routes of varying difficulty besides the common scramble. Its north face consists of a long 500 meter cliff overlooking Canmore.

Although several of the routes boast above average rock to climb on via Rocky Mountain standards, the natural rock fall from above presents a serious hazard on EEOR. There is also a traverse of the entire Mount Rundle massif that is typically performed east to west but is not a typical objective by any means. In fact beta on the route is almost non-existent.

EEOR is directly north (across Spray Lakes Road) of Ha Ling Peak, another common scramble objective with north face trad routes.

Getting There

From the Canmore Nordic Center, ascend the Spray Lakes/Smith Dorrien road (gravel) through the switchbacks to the Goats Creek Trail head past the dam and reservoir. You are almost guaranteed mountain sheep on the Spray Lakes Road. I have even been charged by a ram as I was running up the road (long story). Watch for hazardous rock fall on the switchbacks above Canmore. At times this road will be closed due to rock and/or mud slides. There are restrooms at the Goats Creek Trail head parking area.

Red Tape

There are no permit requirements to enter, climb and/or park in Banff National Park or Kananaskis Provincial Park. This is active grizzly country however. Take bear spray. There have been numerous 2005 trail closures in Banff and Kananaskis due to mountain lions and grizzlies. Therefore it would be prudent to check recent notices posted on the park's website(s).

When To Climb

As with most climbs in the Canadian Rockies, the driest time is from June through September. One can scramble EEOR most any month out of the year depending on conditions. I scrambled EEOR in June several different years. One year I got pelted with hail and visibility was near zero at the summit. There are no published backcountry ski routes on EEOR.


The closest camp site would be back in Canmore at the town campsite at the information center off of the same exit for Harvie Heights. The Alpine Club of Canada national office is located in Canmore and also serves as a hostel, a recently renovated one at that. You cannot camp outside of the marked specific camping areas in Banff National Park or Kananaskis Provincial Park. Refer to the park website(s) for more information regarding backcountry camping.

Mountain Conditions

The Kananaskis Provincial Park website is a very thorough park website, including trail conditions or closures, wildlife notices, weather conditions, avalanche conditions, camping permits, whitewater conditions, etc. It is an excellent source if you are going to spend any time here and comparable to any National Park website I have used. Outside of the parks web site, Canadian Avalanche Association is also useful, particularly for winter travel. Canadian Alpine Accident Reports is also extremely relevant. There are 26 accident reports to date regarding Mount Rundle and several involve the trad routes on EEOR.

Elevation (feet): 9,675
Elevation (meters): 2,949
Continent: North America
Country: Canada
Range/Region: Canadian Rockies
Province: Alberta
Latitude: 51.147371
Longitude: -115.494118
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Calgary
Convenient Center: Banff

Thanks to Bruce Ramsay for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

There are 29 trip reports for Mount Rundle.

  • Log #20641 - by Bob Cowin on Jan 30, 20073.00 stars
    1974 I was 18, it was the most amazing experance. I have allways wanted to go back and to stay up over night to watch the sun come up. To be at the top of a piece of land that once layed at thebottom...
  • Log #13751 - by tom moeller on Oct 07, 20043.00 stars
    Climbed to peak on a wonderfull fall day, clear,warm, no other hikers. Long way up but even longer on way back. Worth the trip but never again for this mountain. 9 hour trip, 1 foot snow on top with...
  • Log #13752 - by Kevin Richardson on Aug 15, 20043.00 stars
    Good day for scrambling - started just after noon. Kind of cloudy, not too hot. Had a great companion that made the climb a lot more enjoyable... it would have been a fairly boring hike otherwise.
  • Log #13753 - by Scott on Aug 12, 20043.00 stars
    4 of us hiked on a cloudless day when we started. A high celing of clouds when we reached the top, but still very nice weather. Could see as far you possibly can. Mt. Asssibone in BC looks awesome...
  • Log #13754 - by Catherine Raymond on July 26, 20043.00 stars
    This has been one of the most rewarding hike so far from me...could not make it to the summit, because I sat down too long contempling the view...and thought too much about how I would get back down...
  • Log #13755 - by Barbara & Matthew on July 25, 20043.00 stars
    We honeymooned in Banff 12 years ago. When we got back home, we adopted a kitten whom we named Rundle. We've been back to Banff once since, and hope someday to return to climb her daunting namesake...
  • Log #13756 - by Joseph D. Rundle on Apr 02, 20043.00 stars
    My last Name is Rundle and it is the first time i have heard of Rundle mountain I cant wait to vist it!
  • Log #13757 - by Ron Clipperton on Dec 25, 20033.00 stars
    Living here I have the opportunity to hike and climb all the peaks that surround the town, and have scaled them all. I enjoy Rundle the most with its varied terrain. This year I made it to the top...
  • Log #13758 - by James Crawley on Dec 14, 20033.00 stars
    3.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down. VERY enjoyable hike. Nice and sunny on the way up and blizzard at the top.
  • Log #13759 - by Michael Metz on Sep 29, 20033.00 stars
    What a hike!!! 6 hours to the top, and 3 hours down. And a Good Pint in Canmore. Very few souls on the mountain. Well worth the effort.
  • Log #13760 - by Sharon Rundle-Moore on Sep 16, 20033.00 stars
    I can't wait to get out to Banff this fall to climb my "family" mountain. It's been talked about for years by uncles, aunts and cousins and finally some of the Rundle's from Ontario are...
  • Log #13761 - by Bill Sutton on Sep 15, 20033.00 stars
    A much better weekend to do this peak than last weekend. (had to come back and bring my son). Beautiful views of the Bow Valley.
  • Log #13762 - by Bill Sutton on Sep 15, 20033.00 stars
    Might have gone up a little early. The snow storm at the top was a little chilly, but we still had fun. Gotta love that dragon's back.
  • Log #13763 - by Lawrence and Lisa on Aug 19, 20033.00 stars
    This definitely pushed our resolve. It took us 2 hours alone to get passed the loose scree. We knew we would miss seeing the view from the top because of the forest fires but were determined to...
  • Log #13764 - by Norman Lake on Aug 18, 20033.00 stars
    I am 63 years of age.My nephew and myself have looked at and decided to climb Mount Rundle for a few yearsand I have wanted to climb this peak since I was a child.I have bad arthritis in my left foot...
  • Log #13765 - by Rob Davidson on Aug 16, 20033.00 stars
    An easy scramble with good views of the Bow Valley. "To travel, to experience, to learn - that is to live." Tenzing Norgay, from Man of Everest
  • Log #13766 - by Sheldon on Aug 15, 20033.00 stars
    Rundle was a nice day outing with some wicked scenery. My parents had done it two weekends in a row and they are old.
  • Log #13767 - by Jeff Skrocki on July 14, 20033.00 stars
    This summit was my first shot at a Canadian Rockies Scramble. The hike to the tree line was quite tedious with the never-ending switchbacks. Here I left my wife and continued up the final scree...
  • Log #13768 - by Will Beddows on June 13, 20033.00 stars
    Long slog to get above the tree line - good point for a break before you start the long bent-double slog up the right side of the gully. Very loose and tough going on the scree for the last 100...
  • Log #13769 - by Joe Shorrocks on May 25, 20033.00 stars
    I haven't summited this peak as of yet, I want to plan a traverse of the entire 8 km or so of rundle..either east to west or vice versa. Has anyone attempted this? Any thoughts?
  • Log #13770 - by Rob Gette on May 13, 20033.00 stars
    It was with the Red Deer College X-Country team,led by Brian Stackhouse & Don Wales.
  • Log #13771 - by chris manders on Jan 23, 20033.00 stars
    After climbing Edith Cavell, Chinaman's Peak, Cascade, and LeFroy, I still prefer Rundle for the eastward view from the summit. If you traverse the summit ridge eastward, you will come across a small...
  • Log #13772 - by Tim L. Helmer on Dec 31, 20023.00 stars
    This was one of my first summits. After we got down, my friend and I drove back to Calgary, and all we talked about was our summit, and what a fantastic day it was. I was very pleased, giggling like...
  • Log #13773 - by DARIAN on Aug 03, 20023.00 stars
  • Log #13774 - by Josh Stevens on Apr 30, 20003.00 stars
    April is usually not the best time to hike Rundle but being a bit anxious to start another hiking season we slogged through snow (in the trees)and scrambled to the top. Poles were essential on this...
  • Log #13775 - by Craig Knelsen on Apr 01, 20003.00 stars
    This easy scramble (primarily a long walk-up) is a long day. The first few hours is a long grind up switchbacks in enclosed forest with few views. Finally you reach the central gully (large...
  • Log #21786 - by Rick Kieffer on Oct 12, 20093.00 stars
    First tried climbing Mt. Rundle in 1979 and then in 2005. The route gets to be a slabby, gravel-covered slog when you get to the Dragon's Back.And then turns to a tedious, talus/scree climb for the...
  • Log #20186 - by Ian on Aug 03, 20063.00 stars
    I climbed this with the Sun Valley ski team. This hike has great views from the summit. It took 2 hours up and 1 1/2 down. Most all of the scrambling is on scree, no cliffs so not very technical at...
  • Log #20882 - by Cheryle Battrum on July 16, 20073.00 stars
    The scramble up the east end of the mountain is pleasant and non-strenuous, plus the views from the summit are spectacular.