Mount Rundle

Mount Rundle Trip Report (#13753)

  • Signed By: Scott
  • Date submitted: August 12, 2004

4 of us hiked on a cloudless day when we started. A high celing of clouds when we reached the top, but still very nice weather. Could see as far you possibly can. Mt. Asssibone in BC looks awesome from the top of Rundle. Being the 1st Mt. ever for 3 of the 4 of us; it was quite the journey. The 1st part though the woods was hard. Poles are a definte. Lots of water. Kept getting passed by hikers. I'd say about 40 people that day hiked, mostly in groups but more singles than I could belive, maybe 8. The switchbacks just kept going, but at the top it flatens out. The gulley is a nice place to rest. The part right after it is a tough trail till u break the tree line. We breaked alot in this section. From the tree line to Dragons back isn't bad. There are little wind sheilds built. The dragons back isn't too bad going up. Coming back down it was scary. The scree at the top of the dragons back is very long, and lose. The top is amazing, we went over to the right to the real top. Coming down on the scree is dangerous! I lost control and was moving way to fast. Finally I crahed on my backside to stop. We ran out of water, bring LOTS!!!!! The hike down hurts the knees alot too, and the smooth rock with gravel on it is dangerous. I had an 11 hour trip over all, we were sperated, and the other 2 had a 12 hour trek. Take lots of water again, sunglasses, hat, waterproff jacket,hat, sunscreen, food, camera(view at the to is breathtaking, we spent an hour there). Have fun, I did, but I won't do it again...I think.

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