Mount Dana

Mount Dana lies of the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains on the edge of Yosemite National Park. From the top you get great views of eastern Yosemite and Mono Lake. The classic route starts at the Tioga Pass Parking Lot and goes up a small canyon to a large flat area. From there you take the ridge to the summit. It is the second tallest peak in Yosemite National Park.

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Elevation (feet): 13,053
Elevation (meters): 3,979
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Sierra Nevada
State: California
Latitude: 37.8997
Longitude: -119.22
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1863
First successful climber(s): Josiah Whitney, William H. Brewer, and Charles F. Hoffmann
Nearest major airport: Fresno
Convenient Center: Mariposa

Thanks to Nick Entinger for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #21591 - by Flotzilla on Feb 12, 2009
    One of my favorite climbs. Outstanding views. I look forward to doing it again and again. See ya at the top.
  • Log #21084 - by steve smith on Nov 04, 2007
    Excellent view from the top. Lots of marmots at half way up plateau.
  • Log #13841 - by Tom Carter, Chris Falkenstein on Aug 12, 2004
    1st descent of solstice couloir
  • Log #13842 - by Joseph Rogers, L Garabaldi on July 12, 2004
    The first climb was done not using the trail, we went up the north side of Dana, and picked up the trail at the Carian to the peak, the second climb was done using the trail from the entrance...
  • Log #13843 - by Frank Konsella on Mar 06, 2004
  • Log #13844 - by Michael Kimmel on Mar 06, 2004
    The view from the top was spectacular. One of the best in the Sierra. The hike up was tough but not long. I lost the use trail about 800 feet below the summit and climbed thru loose talus the rest of...
  • Log #13845 - by Morgan Brown on Jan 30, 2004
    Great dayhike with some of the best summit views in the high sierra. Probably the easiest way to get to 13000 feet in the entire range if you're driving a passenger car.
  • Log #13846 - by Eric Tyler on Sep 10, 2003
    We hiked in from Tioga Lake to the pillar, fired the route (first in line) and then continued along the eastern ridge to the summit. We decended down the western trail and back to Tioga lake. An...
  • Log #13847 - by Colin on Aug 20, 2003
    Great alpine start and climbed the coulier. Very good ice for to place ice screws for party of 3.
  • Log #13848 - by Joe Strolin on Aug 19, 2003
    The view from the top of this 13,053 ft. peak is spectacular. It's probably one of the only 13,000 ft. mountains around that can be hiked in just a couple of hours, since the trailhead is at the east...
  • Log #13850 - by Steve R. on July 19, 2003
    Great weather for the climb. Nice scramble to the top following the use trails and the occasional paint marks.
  • Log #13851 - by Mark McCollum on July 16, 2003
  • Log #13852 - by John Metz on July 13, 2003
    Climbed from Tioga and spent the night on the summit. Spectacular night under a full moon. No one but my partner and me on the summit. Dead calm at sunset.
  • Log #13853 - by Cassie on Oct 13, 2002
    Lol, yeah I have a story. Im 17 years old and have never climbed a mountain before. I was with my friends family and we decide that it would be fun to climb Mt. Dana. My friends dad climbed it...
  • Log #13854 - by Michael Karlovich on July 17, 2002
    Climbed it via the Solstice Couloir. Found an ice axe. This is a fun couloir, about 60 degrees. We climbed it unroped, but with ice axes.
  • Log #13855 - by Yaohang Hong on July 04, 2002
    Good hike. Did not find anybody else on the whole mountain, except my wife, we summitted together. Guess what I found on the summit, a national flag.
  • Log #13856 - by C.M. Kennedy on July 03, 2002
    John P. Kennedy of Hillsborough, NC, was climbing to celebrate his 69th birthday.
  • Log #13857 - by Charles T. Green on May 29, 2002
    Lucky for me I came from 13feet elavation, 2 blocks from the beach, so acclamating wasn't that hard, the sun is a real killer though, I thought I was tan already but I came back burnt to a crisp. I...
  • Log #13858 - by Justin Black on Aug 12, 2001
    It was a too-perfect August day in the Yosemite high country, but what a view! Dana is a good first high-elevation hike for those who are interested in doing more Sierra peak bagging. The route is...
  • Log #13859 - by Mike Matenkosky on Aug 07, 2001
    This was my first time hiking above 10,000'. I had been bike riding for about a month, getting ready to hike Half Dome again, so I felt I was in better shape than I normally am when I hike. The...
  • Log #13860 - by Neil and David Hale on July 29, 2001
    My 10 year old son and I climbed this mountain last year when we were on holiday. A relatively straightforward walk if you are reasonably fit but its advisable to take a few days to get used to the...
  • Log #13861 - by Josh on June 10, 2001
    A nice easy hike in a great location. Being a Thursday, I only saw one other person on the mountain. Two hours round trip.
  • Log #13862 - by David D. Sam on Jan 04, 2001
    Great weather, great views, no crowds. The summit register was in an old ammo box found near the survey bolt.
  • Log #13863 - by mark mclain on Jan 03, 2001
    Second time up. A good first day in the Sierra. Coming from the Bay Area you definitely feel the altitude, but the hike/short scramble at the top is only three miles one way. The day we did it, there...
  • Log #13864 - by Trey Petrey on Aug 30, 2000
    Great climb. Long, but medium difficulty. Scrambling rocks the last 1000' feet or so was interesting, too. Remarkable views--especially Mono Lake.
  • Log #13866 - by Wilfred Beijers on July 24, 2000
    Largest pile of gravel I have conquered to date. Awsome weather, awsome view. Challenging, but rewarding hike.
  • Log #13867 - by Tadashi Anno on Dec 01, 1999
    The standard route from Tioga pass is an easy climb, and the view from the summit is excellent. Altitude can be a problem if you drive up immediately from the sea level.
  • Log #13868 - by Nick Entinger on Nov 20, 1999
    I recommend climbing this peak. Great view from the top on a clear day. The route from tioga Pass is long, but not difficult.
  • Log #13869 - by Rainer Weber on Sep 07, 1999
    Schöner Anstieg, viele Blumen, oben allerdings langer Latsch. Sehr gute 360° Aussicht in verschiedenen-artige Landschaften (Sierra Nevada, Cascades ?, Mono-Lake,...)