Mount Wilhelm

Mount Wilhelm Trip Report (#13905)

  • Signed By: A .B. Paterson
  • Date submitted: May 13, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 25 TH MAY 1944

On the 22nd may 1944 an fa-7[liberator]no.73052 struck the peak of mt. Wilhelm,in the early hours of the morning...myself,Bill Taylor and Bob Brown[dec]were manning a spotting station at 8500ft at KeglSugl and were notified the next morning,along with the evidence,and began organizing the retrieving and burying of the crew on the nth. Side of the airstrip...this would surely make bill and I the oldest people at present to have scaled this [hill]..and we had an army blanket with a hole cut in the middle as a poncho to keep out the cold... Nice view ...

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