Mount Wilhelm

Mount Wilhelm Trip Report (#13915)

This was a tough one. Actually going down was even harder.

We (3 guys, 1 girl in our 30s) carefully planned the trip with making sure we acclimatise properly before doing the final assault on the summit.

So we traveleed to Keglsugl on day 1, stayed there overnight (that was pre-Betty's Lodge times). Day two we walked to the bae camp at Lake Piunde, stayed overnight and spend the next day acclimatising to the thin air while playing cards.

(Our guides used the break to climb across the ridges, down into a neighbouring valley to "sort out some trouble" with neighbouring villagers- they where back in time to pick us up for the 2 a.m start on day 4 to make the summit.

Unfortunately now views where had, but it was one of the most exciting physical achievements I had done so far.

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