Mount Wilhelm

Mount Wilhelm Trip Report (#13918)

PNG is a beautiful and exciting country and summiting Mt. Wilhelm is a must for anyone traveling through the highlands. Betty's trout farm and lodge at the base is a great place to stay, but those on a budget can also stay at Henry's Lodge, which has spartan rooms and kitchen facilities for much less.

The climb is best done with a guide for safety, especially since there is some scrambling required near the summit and it's possible to get lost at night during your alpine start. Either the trout farm or Henry's can help you find a competant local guide. It's not a particularly demanding hike, but don't let the guide make you go any faster than you feel comfortable. And make sure he has a flashlight.

If you have time, you may want to spend one extra night at the hut near the beautiful twin lakes. This puts you at 12,000 feet (3500m) and gives you a little more aclimatization time. The lakes area is a great place to day hike and explore.

PNG Highland Tours can make all of the arrangement for a Mt. Wilhelm climb as well as arrange numerous other adventures for you in the highlands. Norm Carver is a pleasant chap who knows the locals well and runs a great service.

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