Mount Carrigain

Mount Carrigain Trip Report (#13951)

Oh what an adventure!!! we left new york on thursday night- longing for the peace and quiet of the white mountains. we arrived in the conway area around 2 am, only sidetracked once by a new hampshire state trooper that clocked us doing 65 in a 55 ("come on man give us a break!". Well, he did! We were given a warning to slow it down, oh and also a warning about the mosquitoes- we were told that they were pretty bad! So, thanks again trooper for letting us off the hook!

We attempted (4 of us) to sleep in the Explorer from 2 am to daylight- wasn't working out! We decided to set up the tent in the rest stop area right off the Kangamacus. We woke up nice and early, washed up, and headed towards the trail head. Yippee, we drove through Bartlett and had our last opportunity to drink a good cup of coffee! Oh, and some BLT's and bagels!

We drove to Sawyer River Road and parked the car at the Signal Ridge trailhead. We put our packs on our backs and off to the hills we went. The Signal Ridge trail was delightful- the water to your right-there is even one area of water that looks like a natural jacuzzi (only a wee bit chillier). We continued on this to the Carrigain Notch trail (when the trail split we went to the right). The trail was great- butterflies, frogs, flowers........ At 4 pm we stopped for the day and set up camp. We headed off the trail, crossed over a brook, and set up camp. We took off our boots and to my heels were completely blistered and cut up. So I put on my trusty flip flops to let the feet breath, and got a good night sleep.

We awoke the next morning at about 8 am, Had something to eat, and headed towards Carrigain. Oh Carrigain! Unfortunately, my heels took such an awful beating, they refused to get back in the boots- even with band-aids! So I wore my flip flops. The trail was very kind all the way to stillwater junction, and definitely doable in flip flops- despite what my husband thought!!!! Then we began our ascent. It was tough for us, and we definitely became a little delirious along the way. Jessica recalls singing "she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes," and Todd and Jay just looked at eachother and laughed. I cursed a lot and swore I wouldn't make it. But we did, we made it. I now love my flips flops more than ever. The views from the top of Carrigain were breathtaking. We set up camp and enjoyed the view from the obsevatory. The next morning we made our descent- which seemd to be a much easier ascent ("is that why everyone was coming up from that side?"- hahaha) Oh, and I did the descent in flip flops as well....with no reported injuries, just two pain in the ass blisters as a reminder.

Thanks Carrigain for having us!!!!!!!

Kristen and Todd Steele

Jessican and Jason Woreth

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