Mount Speke

Mount Speke Trip Report (#14973)

  • Signed By: Peter F Green
  • Date submitted: September 19, 1999
  • Date(s) climbed: 27th December 1955

From Uganda Mountain Club hut at Bujoko Lake. With George F. Reid. Both of us surveyors with Directorate of Overseas Surveys engaged in Triangulation of the foothills. By Stuhlman Pass, Speke secondary glacier to above icefall, then left onto ridge and hence to summit. Blizzard on top and most of way down. Our colleague Edek Cierach had just completed triangulation of the high peaks and got frostbitten observing on Mount Stanley. Frightful weather and not much in the way of views. Edek's survey beacon still intact on summit. A metal pole with disks on top. His workforce was local tribesmen wearing gumboots and motor-cycle goggles - Traesury wouldn't fork out for better kit. Edek, and us, had our own kit and ice-axes. A South African medical student was killed a few days later on Speke Johnson peak.

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