Cascade Mountain

Cascade Mountain Trip Report (#19085)

  • Signed By: Dow Williams
  • Date submitted: February 14, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

Took my time and went in from Norquay with wife, dog and horse. We followed the trails to the Cascade Amphitheater (5500'-7000'). We had a picnic amongst the remains of a devoured goat. They returned, I continued. You simply gain the right hand sky line immediately and stay on it. There are cairns that divert you off and around to the right of the ridge line, but I preferred to stay on the ridge and down climb where necessary. Once I gained the false summit, I rappelled. I had taken a rope with me for good measure. The back side of the false summit was still completely under snow; making the traditional scramble route extremely dangerous. I chose to place several cams and rappel down the false summit for the mild hike to the real summit. The reverse up climb was no worries for myself. The rock on the backside (east) is extremely nasty and loose. I went over there first to have a look and ended up free climbing up very loose (and large) pieces of Rockies to gain the false summit ridge again. No matter what time of year, I suggest taking a short rope and dealing with the mountain straight on. The less time spent on a mountain and/or below its objectionable hazards, the safer. We saw fresh grizzly scat on the trail going in. On the way out, the groundskeeper at Norquay called out a grizzly to me. He indicated he was angling out to my vehicle in the parking lot. I never saw him, but there was a lone deer in the parking lot with my vehicle. Perhaps he was stalking dinner. There is a marmot on the top ridge line towards the false summit as well.

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