Iztaccihuatl Trip Report (#3325)

Mexico is such an amazing, cheap, fantastic place to climb. I can not wait to go back. It helps a lot if you speak spanish. If you don't you'll pick up the basics pretty quickly though. Ixta was our acclimating trip for Orizaba. We got into Mexico city Fri 28 @ 1:30am. Ouch. You'll notice the security guards right away, walking around with machine guns. Its a different place. A note for those wanting to climb Ixta after Orizaba. You can only get to Amecameca (direct) from Mexico City. From the Airport we caught a 125 peso cab ride to the Tapo bus station. If your there in the day, you'll probably pay less. From Tapo it was an hour and a half ride to Amecameca (18 pesos). We stayed at the Hotel San Carlos, which is located in the SE of the main square. It was pretty nice (60 pesos for 1 bed) The owner Arttoro was able to arrange transportation with his cousin up to La Joya for the next day. We paid 250 pesos for 6 of us to squeze in. I know a lot of people climb Ixta in a day from La Joya, but we took it easy and tented below the foot @ 4500m the first night (felt the altitude), then spent the next night at the hut, then summitted the 3rd day. It was pretty hard only moving for an hr or two the first two days, but well worth it, when we sumitted without a headache. Remember to bring lots of water, there was none when we were up there. We didn't use crampons or an ice axe either. The glacier was in great shape. It would have been hard to loose a credit card in the crevasses. Although the mountain is pretty dirty, it's a great trip. If you have any other questions drop me a note, I'd be glad to help you out.

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