Blodgett Peak

Blodgett Peak Trip Report (#16152)

This climb was completed with Scott Elliott. The time up was about 2 hours, 10 mins, and time down was 1 hour, 20 mins. It was mild, and little breezy, but with a very strong smell of a fire, which was burning somewhere north of the Springs. It turns out the sign in log is still there, but the paper with everyones names from the past summer are gone!

Also, a couple of comments. If any of you have pictures of Blodgett Peak on your computer we can send them to Mark (webmaster) and he can post them up on the Blodgett description page, and you can get the "credit line" for it. I'm working on getting one, but not sure I will be able to for a while.

And second, I plan on climbing to Ormes Peak (9,727') which is to the west of Blodgett Peak by about 2 miles, either in November/December/January so be on the look out for that page!

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