Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro Trip Report (#4064)

  • Signed By: paul lanyi
  • Date submitted: September 19, 2004

Help! When you visit tanzania, you'll be shocked by how poor the people are and the tattered or inappropriate clothing your porters wear. I have been gathering clothes to send them, but the shipping costs are prohibitive.

If you are going to Tanzania and are willing to take an extra duffel bag of clothing to Arusha (where most of the tours start), you would be saving me a ton of dough and helping out the porters and their families! This is totally on the "up and up". I just can't afford to send the clothes to them. Taking an extra duffel bag usually isn't a problem if you're checking bags straight through. I can arrange to have the bags picked up in Arusha from your hotel or your tour company.

If you are interested, PLEASE contact me at or 415.550.7285. I can mail a bag (or a bag in a box) to you directly to your doorstep or if you live in the bay area, can bring the bags directly to you.



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