Kings Peak

Kings Peak Trip Report (#4098)

I started at the trailhead a little after 1pm this past Saturday, having flown in to Salt Lake City from Alaska the night before. Carrying a 50 pound pack was new for me as I'd only done daytrips before. I slowly made my way up a little past Dollar Lake (about 8 miles in) where I spent the night at 11,000 feet. An altitude-induced headache allowed me only a couple hours sleep.

I was already awake at 5:30 the next morning, peeked outside the tent at clear skies and was ready to tackle the summit. Shortly after 6am I walked the trail toward Gunsight Pass for a mile or so then veered off to the right for the 'shortcut' to Anderson Pass via the steep, 1200 foot, scree chute. I tried to contour around the mountain in front of me to save from losing any elevation on my way to the chute. I spent 2 and a half hours getting to the infamous chute when I could have dropped down several hundred feet to the valley and simply scampered to the base of the chute in less than an hour. I'm too often stubborn like that.

About 9am I finally reached the chute at 12,000 feet, about midway up the 1200-foot scree slope. Got to the top in less than 30 seconds and in front of me loomed the summit pyramid, an 800-foot rock heap. After a half-hour break I started climbing over and on the rocks and bolders and got to the top at about noon, a two-hour slog to the highest point in Utah.

On my way down I ran into Richard Carey from San Diego, who was finishing the last of the 50 highpoints! I took the scree chute down as well and saved considerable time. Got back to the tent at 3pm, got my gear and hit the trail, got back to my car a little before 7pm.

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