Middle Teton

Middle Teton Trip Report (#5575)

My most recent birthday gift to myself. I would rather climb than do anything else on my birthday. Been successful at this for the the past four years, and this year was no exception. Like the other mountains I have climbed in the Tetons, the Middle offered plenty of challenges. First the rain hit, then the snow as we get higher, then the wind as we get even higher. This mountain was relentless, and threw everything at us. Lost my crampons in a recent move, and relyed on my ice axe and a ski pole as leverage on the traverse up. It was tough, but alas we came out victorious. As always, the view from the top was amazing, especially the Grand just screaming to be climbed (perhaps on my next b-day!?!). Any climb in the Tetons is worth whatever one must endure. I make the 9-hour drive at least 4-5 x's a year, and try to get there at least twice in the winter. This range offers everything a mountaineer could want, any time of year. The Tetons are truly amazing.

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