Aconcagua Trip Report (#17289)

  • Signed By: Andre WEBER
  • Date submitted: September 20, 2002

After 6 summits over 6000m in 2 months, I was in a very good shape. 6h with heavy backpack from the checkpoint to the Plaza de Mulas. Next day slow until Berlin, without tent, without oven. Not so cold, but the waterbottles in the sleepingbag changed into ice. Start at 6 a.m., 3h hours from Berlin until summit, without any stop, except for a few photos. It was much more easy then expected and so the next day I climbed Cerro Cuerno, 8 hours of walking through veryt tiring penitentes.I'm a medical doctor, did some crazy things in different sports and would be pleased to give you some advices.

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