Aconcagua Trip Report (#17301)

  • Signed By: Andre WEBER
  • Date submitted: September 29, 2002
  • Number of People Encountered:

Some facts : From the village of Puente del Inca, follow the road for about 3 km. On the right begins the footpath who brings you in 36 km, crossing a river coming from the South face at Confluencia and then through the long Valle de Los Horcones, to the base-camp Plaza de Mulas at 4200m. Places where you can put a tent : Cambio de Pendiente 5150, Nido de Condores 5350, Berlin 5950, Independencia 6250. Just above, at Portezuelo de los Vientos the path goes right to reach the "Canaleta". The time you need depends of your shape and acclimatation. It took me 6h until the base camp. Next day Berlin. From Berlin to the summit in 3h (stops for fotos included). So I was at 9 on the top, the wind had stopped, the view incredible. Next day from base camp to Cerro Cuerno and back. Normal climbers need twice the time. With poor acclimatation you can need 10h for the last 1000m. Look at the official site, in different languages. You can see that more than 2000 people enter the protected area each year with the aim to summit, with a maximum in january, more than 50 every day.Be CAREFUL : it can be -30°C with winds of 200 km/h. If the weather is not good, dont risk your life.

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