Aconcagua Trip Report (#22140)

  • Signed By: Adam Majchrzak
  • Date submitted: March 07, 2011
  • Date(s) climbed: 6th Feb 2011
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

Alpine style, 3 days from arrival to Mendoza to the summit, possible only because of our previous acclimatization on few volcanoes in Ecuador.

The weather forecast was not the best, but when I compare my photos to the ones my friends did few days later I think we had the best conditions ever :) The last part, Canaletta was slightly snowed over and you can run up quite fast with your crampons on but there the snow was not deep enough to make it a hard work. As usually quite windy on the traverse between the destroyed hut of Idependencja and canaletta but nothing as bad as few days later when my friends were fighting against 70ph winds!

The only unfortunate event (as u can tell from my pictures) was due to the logistics and recless stupidity haha ;) basically i was on the top around 8pm and we were caught by sunset around 6200m. Despite headlights we got lost (too long story to describe it here) and spend the night on the mountain. Luckily no lost lives, fingers or toes so as we say in my old country: all good what ends good. But please don't be so cocky as me and don't attempt climb from Condores to the summit when u know it's too late to get there and return on time! Go to the Berlin first, set the camp and summit the following day, starting early in the morning - we've been lucky, u might not be. It's best to follow this simple rule - Always respect the mountain!

I know i will :)

See yeah next year on Elbrus or Denali (depending on my holidays and money-saving haha)


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