Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine Trip Report (#256)

Assiniboine is a fantastic peak. Rising way above any of the surrounding peaks it creates an amazing setting. Check on the conditions before going in. In cold, winter years the rock bands can ice up and give some fun mixed climbing. In dry years a rope isn't needed. There is one short ection of 5.5 that some may want a rope for. Rapping down may be a nice break on the knees too. If you don't feel like humping it all the way into the hut, you can pay $100 (can) for a one-way heli ride from Mt Shark parking lot to the Assiniboine lodge. Then its about 2-3 hours up the Gmoser highway to the hut. Watch your routefinding going threw the highway, it can be a little tricky, but its all fun.

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