Paine Grande

Paine Grande Trip Report (#6049)

  • Signed By: Bruno Sourzac and Rolando Garibotti of xxxxxx, xxxxxx
  • Date submitted: June 24, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 26 october 2000

After 42 years, Paine Grande (3.050 m) was climbed again by the frenchman Bruno Sourzac and the argentinian Rolando Garibotti. Some people mistake "Paine Grande" with "Torres del Paine". "Paine Grande" is very technical ice climbing while "Torres del Paine" are three granitic big-wall towers. They didn't follow the original Monzino route. They chose a more direct and ligical line. Both climbers started walking from tents (450 m) at 5 a.m. They reached the "plateau" at 9 a.m. and then the base of the main summit at 11 a.m. After six hours and 360 m of vertical ice climbing they were on the summit. They spent 3 hours abseiling down back to the plateau and at 22,30 p.m. they were back on their tents. (source: "La Prensa Austral", journal from Punta Arenas, 3 january 2001.

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