Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier Trip Report (#6287)

We made our high camp at Ingraham Flats, woke at midnight and summitted by 6:15 AM via the Dissapointment Cleaver route. Other than some route finding difficulty on the cleaver in the dark, the climb was straight-forward. Our first as a private party, and much more enjoyable than the RMI experience from the previous year. RMI was an excellent learning climb, but we were glad to stretch our own wings. Our lead climber was the very able, Brian Anderson, followed by Puyallup native Rod Meeker, and first timer, but very astute and enthusiastic Brad Nelson. Anchor was the big slow guy, yours truely, Tim Thomsen.

You get back down, you're exhausted, your feet are blistered and bruised, your quads are on fire, your appetite is gone and you've gone nearly two days on on;ly a couple hours of fitfull (at best) sleep. Yet, when you look up at that Mother mountain, realize where you've been and what you've done, then you just hope to God you have the where-with-all to do it again some day!

Great climb! Excellent partners!

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