Sajama Trip Report (#6857)

  • Signed By: Andre WEBER
  • Date submitted: July 07, 2002
  • Number of People Encountered:

"Take as few as possible luggage. It was my second summit above 6000m. alone, backpack with all the

equipement 13 kg, nigt at 5700m, without tent, and then 12h hours climbing (and back down to the village of Sajama) very tyring penitentes. There's a

quiete steep path,if your equipement is too heavy you will get too tired to sleep at this altitude. No technical

problem. Depend of the time of the year climbing alone can be safe if you have some experience. No fluent

water above 4500m. Going down through the penitentes (at the end of he summer) costs also a lot of energy.

Very few people. You can't believe that someone will help you if you have some problem. For questions, I'm a

simple but clever climber, you can contact me at I'm a medical doctor, and did some crazy expeditions in different sports.

Andre Weber

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