Lagginhorn Trip Report (#9679)

  • Signed By: David Morris
  • Date submitted: November 07, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 29/7/04

Left the Hohsaas hut at 5:00 to do the South ridge. Got upto the col at sunrise and there was a fantastic temperature inversion. The view East was amazing. The ridge is straight forward untill a steep step. This is quite exposed and we pitched it. The rock on the Eastern side is a lot less stable than the western and there was a lot of rockfall on that side later in the day. The ridge is fantastic with some interesting climbing crossing gendarms and some narrow sections. The trickiest section is getting down off a gendarm near the end of the ridge. There was a load of tat to ab off but we downclimbed it. It seemed easier as the ab point sends you off the wrong side of the ridge. After this some pleasent exposed scrambling leads to the summit. We desended by the west south west ridge which was a pile of chos and horrible. its not exposed or technical. its just a scree slope that i imagine would be very unpleasent to ascend.

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