Eagle Peak

Eagle Peak Trip Report (#22038)

  • Signed By: theyogiclimber
  • Date submitted: August 07, 2010
  • Date(s) climbed: August 6, 2010
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Neutral

The trail to the saddle was in excellent condition considering how few people seem to use it. Only 7 people were encountered along the trail and none above the saddle. After summitting Eagle Peak, I bagged Chutla Peak, too. Allow about 6-7 hours if you plan to climb both. Each peak involves about the same amount of route finding, scrambling, and brief exposure. No cell phone reception from the summit even though you are within eyesight of Paradise. Wildflowers were everywhere in the meadows and berries still a few weeks away from ripe.

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