Caraz I

Caraz I Trip Report (#10316)

  • Signed By: Guillaume Couture
  • Date submitted: July 16, 1999
  • Number of People Encountered:

Few people go to the Caraz I nevertheless it's in a beautiful area, just behind the fantastic Artesonraju. The first day to the base camp is maybe the most difficult, at least the most hazardous because two easy but dangerous rock climbing travers. But I think it's possible to walk around. After this it's just "nice n'easy". We never summited because some of our teammate don't trust the path. That's true, with the billion of cairns, you can't know if your are one the good way unless you know the good way. But now I know that all the paths goes to Caraz. Anyway, as long your are in daylight it's impossible to get lost and wherever your are one the moraine, you stay at less than 1 hour of a easy walk to the base camp. So follow the summit and you will find the moraine camp. I climb two times from base camp to glacier, just for the fun, on two different trails, and I hike-down by 2 others and I never find a trail better than a other. From buttom of glacier to the col I don't see any difficulty. From col to summit it's seem to be easy. A Switzerland party wrote in 1996 in a big-book at the "casa de guias" at Huaraz: "There is no technical difficulty on the summit ridge". Try to climb Caraz I and Caraz II in a same journey could be a fun challenge.

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