Capitol Peak

Capitol Peak Trip Report (#10407)

One of the best, if not the best mountian I have climbed thus far. Beautiful day, got an early start and only one other group (that we knew of) climbing behind us. I call it my best climb because this was the first climb where I got truly spooked. I don't get spooked, but the knife edge got me. It got me when I was in the middle of it, and couldn't find a place to put my foot. That's when I noticed the 1,000+ ft drop below me. I sat for a while, and contemplated what the hell I was doing up there and where I was going. I was breathing heavy, and felt the sweat start dripping. But alas, I put my foot down, regained my compsure and headed toward the summit. It was an exhilarating climb (which they all usually are). But Capital reminded me of the respect for the mountains, which is the very reason I moved to and climb the mountains. Capital gave me a swift kick in the ass and let me know who is boss. This is just what I was looking for and reminded me of why I love doing this.

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