Mount Andromeda

Mount Andromeda Trip Report (#10448)

Wake up nice and early for this baby. It has been given a commiment grade of II, but it certainly does require a full day. The walk to the glacier can be easily done in the night. Crossing the glacier may want to be done at first light if there isn't a trustworthy trail. The four of us decided to solo the Skyladder. At most 45-50 degrees and gets lesser as you climb. But it is longer then it looks. Two of us didn't take a break half way up and were rahter pooped when we reached the top of the shoulder. There is a nice spot, make use of it. We ended up getting stuck in a horrible white out the rest of the trip, so we didn't get to see much, but it was a fantastic trip. I'd recommend it for a nice july sunny day. Enjoy.

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