Chopicalqui Trip Report (#858)

  • Signed By: Guillaume Couture
  • Date submitted: July 16, 1999
  • Number of People Encountered:

We climb the S-W ridge (Normal Route). WOW!!! A climb without technical difficulty if the condition are good and if somebody clear the route before you. In early season there is very, very deep snow, but you can be lucky and, like us, follow a army of guides. Twenty-five new-guides clear the route a week before us. Unless it's a very difficult journey. Anyway, with a night near 5000 meters and a other one over 5600 meters, it's never easy. The camp 1 on the glacier is a little bit expose with seracs and possible avalanches. We prefered climb higher and we find a very nice spot (with incredible view on summit ridge) 1-2 hours higher (2th plateform after camp).

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