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DO NOT TAKE THIS COMPANY !!! ANDES EXPEDICIONES Av. Camacho Nº 1377 Edif. Saenz Piso 3º fono: ( 591- 2 ) 2319655 - 2202983 Fax: ( 591 - 2 ) 2392344 P.O. Box 12287 La Paz – Bolivia We contacted a bolivian company runned by ¨famous¨ climber Bernardo Guarachi to climb some mountains in Bolivia. First he said he'd be our guide and that he speaks good English.

1. He was not our guide, he said he was sick, so we went with other guide who didn't have any idea about guiding, thanks God, nothing happened to us (we just climbed one mountain of course), then Bernardo Guarachi didn't want to give us any money back, he was very rude at the beginning and then he said he'd be the guide for the next mountain. Well we're pretty sure he is a good climber, but we're also sure he is not a guide. He walked very fast (for us) all the time, he didn't care about us, he was far away from us whenever we were walking on gravel, and too fast on the glacier, HE NEVER PUT A SNOW STAKE OR ICE SCREW.

2. His English is very basic, food was terrible.

3. His driver, porters and two other ¨guides¨told us he does not pay them, and whenever he does there is always something to discount, he pays them badly, a regular guide makes $us 50 to $us 60 a day, he pays them $us 15 (not including discounts), he hires ¨campesinos¨countrymen, very poor and ignorant people, some of them work for nothing.

4. His brother Eduardo is supposed to be guide as well, but he does not have any instruction at all.


Francois and Ives from France

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