Louis M Lenzenhuber

Ridgecrest, California, United StatesUnited States

Web site: http://www.lenzenhuber-studios.com/

I climbed my first mountain (10,000' or higher) in 1973. It was Pyramid Peak in the Crystal Range of the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe. On older maps it is listed just over 10,000 feet, on newer maps just under 10,000 feet. Since then I have made the summit of the six highest 14,000 foot peaks in California (according to the 1972 & 1995 World Almanacs) as well as the highest peaks in Washington (Rainier) and Nevada (Boundary) I once spent three days in a tent on the side of the Matterhorn in Switzerland. I made a solo climb that tried to killed me a couple of times but didn't try for the summit.

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