The Alborz (Elburz) Mountains are a major mountain range in Northern Iran, due south of the Caspian Sea. They extend 600 miles, averaging 9,000 feet elevation, with some peaks considerably higher. The range is dominated In particular by Damavand (18,602 ft./5,670 m.), a dormantvolcano and the highest point in the range, which stretches well into the sky. The abrupt south face of Damavand invokes awe as it looms over the streets of Tehran, just a fewmiles south. Alborz is a major climatic barrier between the Caspian Sea and the central Iranian plateau. The north side, facing the sea, receives heavy snow and rainfall, and lush forests sweep down to the coastal plain. The south side, in contrast, has few trees, just barren brown wind-swept slopes merging with desert below. Snow covers the tops of the higher mountains for most of the year.

Peaks of Alborz

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