Adam's Peak

Elevation (feet): 7,359
Elevation (meters): 2,243
Continent: Asia
Country: Sri Lanka
Range/Region: Sri Lanka
Latitude: 6.81139
Longitude: 80.4997
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Dec
Nearest major airport: Columbo, Sri Lanka
Convenient Center: Ratnapurna, Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak (Sri Pada) is an isolated peak in the forested Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. The mountain has religious significance for several religions, owing in part to a rock indentation on the summit that is shaped like a large human foot. This was said by early Christians to be the footprint of Adam, a belief inherited by Moslems when they assumed rule of the island. Later, Buddhists said the indentation was the footprint of the Buddha, and Hindus said it was the footprint of Siva. With all these traditions finding religious reason to respect this mountain, it is not surprising that it is visited by thousands of pilgrims each week, and has been for over two thousand years. There are 3,306 steps leading to the summit from the town of Dalhouse, and vendors sell refreshments and other goods along the trail. The trail from the southeast has no steps, but it too has trail vendors, and both trails have streetlights all the way to the top for those seeking a night hike in comfortable temperatures. The summit footprint is now enclosed by a shrine that is inhabited by Buddhist monks.

Best climbing months are December through May, with April being the peak month for religious pilgrimage.