Elevation (feet): 13,005
Elevation (meters): 3,964
Continent: Asia
Country: Iran
Range/Region: Alborz
Latitude: 35.53
Longitude: 51.25
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Apr
Nearest major airport: Mehrabad in Tehran
Convenient Center: Tehran

Thanks to Behrang Asghariyan for adding this peak.

In winter ,climbing this mount is a few difficult and Pleasant.Touchal Mountains located at the north of Tehran composed of a thick (+3000 m) volcano-sedimentary sequence called Karaj Formation. These beds called Tuff and produced by deposition of volcanic ash in the oceans and sea water. There are some under marine volcanic lava horizons within the tuff beds and very few remains of marine sediments and locally some marine fossils. Karaj tuffs are developed and deposited almost 50 (45-55) million years ago in northern Iran.

It is important to know that the development and creation of the Touchal mountains happened much later by folding of the whole sedimentary sequence of the northern Iran including Karaj Formation. As far as I have learned from the published papers and researches, its uplift stared around 15 million years ago, but there is not any proof that when it is raised up to the present height.

Thanks to Behrang Asghariyan for this description.