Takhte Soleyman

Elevation (feet): 4,800
Elevation (meters): 1,463
Continent: Asia
Country: Iran
Range/Region: Alborz
Latitude: 36.604297
Longitude: 47.234859
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug
First successful climber(s): not applicabel
Nearest major airport: tehran
Convenient Center: kalardasht

Thanks to j.kazerooni for adding this peak.

One side of Takhte Soleyman is an 800-meter rock face, a very difficult climb. The other side is a gentle slope. The summit is a ridge rather than peak. There are a number of other 4000+ meter peaks in the area. the peak is on the side of a glacier valely. There is a shelter at the peak and another at the foot of rock face.

Thanks to j.kazerooni for this description.