Great Trango Tower

Elevation (feet): 20,623
Elevation (meters): 6,286
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan
Range/Region: Karakoram
Latitude: 35.757717
Longitude: 76.201014
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Year first climbed: 1977
First successful climber(s): Galen Rowell, John Roskelly, Kim Schmitz, and Dennis Hennek
Nearest major airport: Islamabad/Rawalpindi
Convenient Center: Rawalpindi or Skardu

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Great Trango is situated in the Trango group in Pakistan's Baltoro Glacier region, one of the most remarkable mountain settings on earth. The climbing route is deceptively straightforward, ascending from the Trango glacier to the summit of Great Trango. The climbing is only moderately technical making this expedition an ideal first foray to higher altitudes or simply a wonderful experience for climbers wanting a taste of the best that the Himalaya can offer without the extreme altitude.

-Source; Adventure Consultants guiding service

Thanks to Aaron Batte for this description.