Makra 3885-M

Elevation (feet): 12,500
Elevation (meters): 3,810
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan
Difficulty: Walk up
Nearest major airport: Muzaffarabad
Convenient Center: Balakot Kiwai and Muzaffarabad (Azad Jammu & Kashmir)

Thanks to Sheharyar Khan for adding this peak.

Makra is a scenic peak in the Azad Jammu Kashmir and Hazara region of the Himalayas in northern Pakistan. It is 3885-M high peak and almost 200 km from Islamabad on Naran road. From Kiwai a jeep track goes upwards to Shogran, a tourist place, the track goes upward to Payee Lake and ends at Seree. From here it is a walking trek of three hours to the top of Makra.

The other approach road is from Muzaffarabad the capital of Azad Jammu Kashmir,almost 35 Km to the Base Camp of Makra called Bheri and from Bheri the hiking trek of 5 to 6 hours to the top of Makra.

Although it is an easy peak deaths have occurred in storms. In spite of the difficulties, the top offers the unforgettable scenery of Hazara and Azad Kashmir.

Thanks to Sheharyar Khan for this description.