Jebel Qihwi

Elevation (feet): 5,886
Elevation (meters): 1,794
Continent: Asia
Country: Oman
Latitude: 26.2333
Longitude: 56.35
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec
First successful climber(s): Uncertain
Nearest major airport: Dubai
Convenient Center: Ras al Khaimah

Thanks to Peter MacKenzie for adding this peak.

A large part of the journey is along a ridge with a gradual incline and amazing views to either side. The walk to the base of the summit is long but gentle. The summit itself is like a small fort with sheer sides, requiring a bit of a scramble to get to the very top. Just before you leave the ridge to make the final climb to the summit ramparts, there is a flat area suitable for camping. There are several groups of hikers that frequent this site a few times during the year for a full moon hike.

The final climb is tough because of the difficulty in negotiating the crack in the rock, but those that do will enjoy the challenge. There are great views from the top as one can look towards the Gulf of Oman on one side and the Arabian (Persian) Gulf on the other side.

Thanks to Peter MacKenzie for this description.